Some gifts stay with you forever.

I finally got to finish setting up Eli’s Nursery the way I wanted it, when I found an old gift that warmed my heart. First  a little introduction to the history of this gift. When I was 14 years old, I decided that I have to grow up and be a better person. I turned to the greatest role model I could find back then, Winnie the Pooh. I would read the books thoroughly, embracing Pooh’s casual outlook on life and learning how to handle myself more gracefully in this world. By the time I was 16, my love to pooh was shared with my close friends. One of these friends (A very dear one until this day indeed), made a beautiful gift for my sweet 16. She drew the map of a 100 acres forest (This was 1996, and colored printers were not very common), and framed it. I remember how surprised I was to receive this gift. My friend obviously dedicated time and thought in making this gift for me, and it has been very dear to me for me ever since. Another nice touch was that she wrote the birthday wishes on the back (Which means I can still read them to this day).

This photo was hung in my room and in every apartment I lived in ever since, and today it is proudly displayed in Eli’s nursery.

Some gifts, just stay with you forever…


I’ve been meaning to post an article about the “experience gift” for over a year, since I love the idea of giving an activity as a gift. Some of you may remember the sky gliding gift or the Photo session gift, since I blogged about them. However, today I want to talk about the “experience gifts” I didn’t write about, the ones that striked out.

Experiance Gifts



I had a great gift idea for some of my more creative friends, a certificate for a craft class of some sort or another. I thought I had it all planned out: I arranged for a certificate with the art studio, made sure it was geographically close to the receiver, paid in advance for the class and gave the certificate as a gift. What I failed to understand is human nature to postponed unpleasant tasks such as calling to scheduled an appointment (Which always feels kind of awkward). This is what happened to the friends who received a gift certificate for a class or a dinner from me. They were really excited about the gift, but never fully redeemed it. Thinking about it, I  myself, received a dinner certificate more than six months ago, and I still haven’t used it. I was trying to understand why this came to be and I think I got it figured out. I would like to share with you some tips that would help you to successfully give an “experience gift”. I believe these tips would make the difference between a certificate sitting in a drawer and an unforgettable experience.

Tip number 1: Know your friend

Who is your friend? What kind of person is s/he? well organized? Has a lot of time? Social or independent? Bottom line, If you give this person a certificate would it sit in a drawer with all the other piles of things to do or will that person put it to use. Let me tell you that most people, including myself, would probably forget about it until it’s to late, even if it’s the most amazing experience on the face of the earth. This is just the way people are. Don’t give a certificate unless you are absolutely positive that this person would use it.

Tip number 2: Set a time and place

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Setting a time and place is very important. Once a person is invited to a specific time and place, he is more likely to arrive, as apposed to an open invitation that he may or may not choose to take.

Tip number 3: Make an event out of it

Planning the gift as an event is the best way to make sure the gift is fulfilled. You can invite a few friends, or have a privet birthday “date”. By planning an event or meeting you are making it very hard for the person not to come. This is the reason why the sky gliding and photo session worked, they planed as events, and sharing the experience with my friends was just an added bonus.









I can’t believe that this is my 100th post! I was saving one of my DIY projects just for such a joyful occasion, though I must admit that I almost didn’t notice that I hit 100 posts. It was a real surprise realizing that I did,I guess it’s kind of like forgetting that it’s your birthday.

So here it is a special DIY project that I call: Our friendship in a nutshell.

There are several reasons that this post is very dear to me. First, it was a gift to my oldest and dear dear friend. Second, I came up with this sweet idea all by my little self. Third, I wasn’t sure I’ll be able to actually make this gift, so you can imagine how excited I was to see that it came out real nice.

The idea is based on the phrase “In a nutshell” which refers to describing something using as few words as possible. The idea came to me when I saw walnut perfectly broken into two shells. I thought to myself that it could be used as a little box to contain a secret message. And then it hit me! It would be such a cute gift to write down a summery of the relationship, pointing out special occasions, shared phrases and long lost memories, using a nutshell as the box. Hence, “Our Friendship in a Nutshell”.

Once I thought of the idea it was obvious which friend is going to receive it, my oldest friend. Going back almost a year and a half ago, I wrote a post about a gift I received from my oldest friend, using a shared phrase that became sort of legendary phrase among our friends: Tuna Fish Need Love. I think that the “friendship in a nutshell” gift is similar in concept to the book she made me, since both gifts are like a time capsule of memories. It was so much fun trying to remember all the silly things we did together.(Initially I thought about using pictures but then I realized that they would come out too small and probably won’t fit in the nutshell).



This is a quite simple DIY project. Follow these few simple steps:

Step 1: Break a walnut into two pieces

Step 2: Coat it with a color of your choice. I used gold leafs, but I think that a simple acrylic color would be just as good.

step 3: This is the tricky part. I wanted to be able to open and close the nutshell. At first I though about using a hinge, but that was too small. So I took a piece of ribbon and glued it to the inner side of one of the shells. This way I was able to tie the two pieces together in order to open and close the nutshell.

Step 4: Print out a small note with the friendship description and in a separate thin piece of paper the phrase “our friendship in a nutshell”. Roll the note up like a little scroll and use another string of paper, to keep the note rolled. I simply glued one end to the other, making enough room to slip the scroll in.

Step 5: Place the note inside the nutshell, allowing the thin paper with the phrase to stick out. Tie the ribbon in a pretty bow and there you have it! Your friendship in a nutshell.

Step 6: Hide the nut in a bag full of nuts and give to your friend.


I made this for a close friend but this really is a wonderful anniversary gift for your husband/wife, niece/nephew, Parent, teacher or anyone sharing a long history that can be described in a nutshell. Since it’s small, you can give it as a keepsake for a traveling loved one. It is a great gift for the end of the year or a new beginning.

Most importantly it is real easy to make and although it’s cheep and easy to make, it’s actually priceless.



I’ve been wanting to start an animal category for some time now… I sort of did an animal bit on Shark Week, and I did do a Fantastic Mr Fox article… But I think I want to start a regular  theme such as color code, dedicated to all you animal lovers. I know I already had a fox article, but I know that there are lots of fox lovers out there in desperate need of a foxy gift. OK OK you got me… I’m the fox freak! But I’m also obsessed with deer so that just might be my next animal article. I searched the web and gathered my top ten foxy gifts. In case you were wondering, 9 and 10 are my personal favorites,what can I say? I’m a girl, I love shoes…



After we established that the gift recipient loves foxes… all that is left is to match the gift to the occasion…

1.  A lovely home decor piece such as this Artwork Plate with a vintage fox illustration, is great as a house warming gift.

2. Did someone get a new job? This cute little Tail Me More Mug is a sweet conversational piece and therefore is great for the office…

3. When thinking of a house warming gift we tend to neglect the outside…Be original with this little Garden Figurine will make a great addition between some garden gnomes.

4. Have a house warming and you want something for the kids room? A lovely Fox Pillow  will work for both genders…

5.Need a stylish gift for a stylish gal? Fox Earrings,For the eternal Fashionista.

6. I love this Fox T for a foxy little boy. It’s a lovely design, I wish it would come in Medium for my man… Then he and my little one can match T’s…

7. A Fox Blouse to go with the lovely Earrings at No 5.

8. Fox iPhone Case for any occasion.

And last but not least…For me… No 9. & No 10. Fox Boots Fox Ballet Flats, Size 6.5 please…

I’ve been meaning to write another color code post ever since I posted the black and white one. The problem is, there are so many colors, I didn’t know which one to pick (Choices, choices). Then I recalled that at my last shopping spree, after going through all the stuff I got, I realized that I bought mostly blue clothes with gold accessories (isn’t that weird?). SO, why not? Let art imitate life… I’ve decided on Royal blue and gold, a very lively combination that would work for the elegant, yet colorful person. When I started browsing for items, I didn’t think that the roundup will end up being so lovely.



1. For boys, men or dinosaurs fans such as myself. A whimsical planter by crazy couture adds a pop of color to any room. Great as a housewarming gift for a bachelor’s pad.

2. Scarfs are almost always a fun gift, that would fit any woman. I love a scarf that gives a splash of color, you can find this one at Periay’s store on Etsy.

3. Oh jewelry…need I say more? Lovely Peacock bangle by Max&Chole

4. Not quite my style, but what the heck… It’s Miu Miu shoes, in blue or gold glitter.

5. Another one for the boys… A beautiful hot air balloon model.

Have a royal weekend, and remember, Give with love.

I’m always happy to know when my blog is an inspiration to someone. My friend sent me a photo of a clock inspired by the Quality time article I published a few months back. She personalized it by using a photo of Cookie Monster (Apparently that was their thing).


I’m glad she was able to use an idea featured in my blog but personalize it for her friend and I really love the way she placed the hands on Cookie monsters eyes, very whimsical.

Among other properties, color is a key element in choosing a gift. Therefore, the success of the gift may depend on that alone. This is why, when facing the challenge of finding a gift for a certain someone, I would advise you to find out which colors this person likes or more importantly dislikes. In order to find out which color’s one prefers, you should notice which colors s/he likes to wear, which colors s/he use for accessories and which color’s they decorate their home. Then coordinate the gift accordingly when buying cloths accessories or home decor. Soon enough you would find out that most people dress in black, the majority do it since it is the easiest most slimming effortless solution for cloths, other’s simply love black. In either case, when in doubt both black and white are the safe option.

Here are some B&W options I rounded up for you…

  1. Rebecca Minkoff ‘Striped Diamond’ Canvas Tote
  2. Hounds-tooth Check Lace up Brogues
  3. Tuxedo Cat Black & White Cat Stud Earrings
  4. Enhanced Black and White Diamond Bow Ring in 10K White Gold
  5. Black and White Clutch Handbag
  6. Polka dot Sunglasses Case
  7. Herve Lerger Bandage Dress Black
  8. Printable Cat Card Cat Art Black and White


I know that the owl trend is getting bigger and bigger, however, one of my friends began the owl trend first (Honestly)! This must be at least the third birthday I give her an owly gift… In addition, this year we celebrated her B-day with an owl themed party. Since I wasn’t ready with a gift (I know, I know I always say plan ahead… But I am great at giving advise, not following it), I came up with an idea for a card, thinking that I’ll get her a gift later. The card was really easy to make:

Owl card tutorial:

You will need:

1. A4 paper (I used paper of printed drafts, I always keep them for recycling).

2. Heart shape puncher

3. Coloring pencils

4. Glue stick

How I did it:

Body: I used a heart shape puncher and punched out 13 hearts and colored them with color pencils. Then I stacked them in a pear like shape to make the body of the owl and glued them to the card.

Head: I cut the owl head, colored the face of the owl with  and glued it over the cutout hearts.

Then I realized that if the card was this easy to make, why not make a similar image on a tank top?


Felt owl top tutorial:

You will need:

1. Cutout felt hearts

2. Small felt piece for head

3. embroidery string

4. Needle

5. Fabric scissors

I admit, this was a little bit tricky… Mind you, if I can pull it off with my poor sewing skills, then so can you.

Body: This time instead of gluing the cutout hearts, I sewed them directly to the top, overlapping them arbitrarily, still maintaining the body shape.

Head: I cut the head shape out of a small piece of felt (sort of like a cat head shape but with smaller ears). Don’t sew it to the shirt just yet… You still have to sew the owl’s eyes and beak to the face.

Eyes: The eyes were the tricky part. I took one of the cutout hearts and cut two ellipse shapes out of it, so far so good, then I had to stitch an embroidery of the eyelashes to the felt eye, I used a back stitch since it is more dense. Use a running stitch to sew the eye to the head of the owl.

Beak: use a smaller cutout heart (I simply cut a little one out of a big one) and sew it to the head.

Now is the time to sew the head over the body, again, using the running stitch along the outline of the owl head and you are done!!!

Since this is more or less the first sewing tutorial I’ve written, I hope that it was easy to follow, please let me know if something is not clear.

As always, I recommend that you use your imagination to improve this DIY in order to fit to your own needs. If you made this, you are welcome to share your result with me, I always love to see how other people’s DIY’s turn out.

Good luck,


It’s been a while since I featured a kit… So I was very excited when an opportunity came to make one. I believe that I shared my love for kits already in previous posts, but I really do think that a kit is a great way to personalize a gift. The nice thing about this particular kit is that everything in it is bought; therefore you don’t need any crafting skills in order to create it.

The occasion:

My niece had her 12th birthday yesterday, which is called a Bat Mitzvah (in Hebrew), and is the Jewish coming of age (The age for boys is 13 and is called a Bar Mitzvah). Since the Bat Mitzvah party (which is a big deal in Israel, sort of like a sweet 16), got delayed due to a knee injury my niece had, my mother wanted to make my her granddaughter happy on her special day. She came up with the idea to send her a beauty kit and since she is still too young to start wearing makeup, we decided to mix and match some beauty products that would make her feel pampered.1. Wicker basket 2. Lip gloss 3. Mirror and brush 4. Heart Shaped Bath Bomb 5. Glittering Body Powder 6. Eye Mask 7. Perfumed Oil 8. Bubble Bath

We found a great “Girls Beauty Line” at Laline and hand picked the items into a lovely wicker basket. Since my niece was away, we left the basket on her bed, so she will have a nice surprise when she returned. As a grwon women, I was given similar gifts along the years… And although I know this isn;t the most original gift, sometimes, the most simple idea is the best one. Besides, since it was given to a 12 years old, I was able to use the fun, pink and girly factor and also use some glitter, glitter always upgrades a gift.

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