This blog is all about gifts. Gifts of all sorts: Some are cheap, some are expensive, some are hand made, some are functional or beautiful. But the best gifts regardless of their price, are meaningful.When I had my baby a year ago I received many gifts. Blankets, toys, cloths and Oh too many Teddy-bears. Today, the gifts keep coming and I must admit that I prefer a bag of diapers over a new toy.

Last month when I was planing Eli’s first birthday party I knew I wanted to have a “Hungry Caterpillar” theme. I also knew that there is no way that I would  have time to make the decorations. I was smart enough to Have a professional make the cake and to ask for help from a friend who loves to make party decorations. It meant so much to me that I even offered to pay for her trouble, however, she refused saying that it was her gift to Eli. This got me thinking about service gifts. When I had Eli, My mother cleaned the house, my mother in law cooked healthy meals and my dear cousin washed the dishes. They were contributing their time and I received some peace and quite.




Christine the owner of IOU, offers you a hint to what new mothers and probably all women, want most; A fraction of your time, to help with the endless chores. Here lies the power of the written word. Most women, when offered help, would say that there is really no need. However, if your offer comes in a thoughtful card, with a set date and time, it will be harder to refuse. This is a great example for a low cost gift that may mean the world to someone else.

Share with us, how did you give of your time to a special someone?

Cachette is an online store that was introduced to me as a designer store for designed home products. However, a quick search through their site and I realized that their most appealing products are their fine foods, packed in elegant packages. I think that if you choose the right products and pack them in a nice basket, you can make a great house warming gift.


One of the most important things in gift giving is to tap into one’s unfulfilled desires. Think about it, usually we don’t like to buy expensive products for our own use. A gift is an opportunity to give someone something they wouldn’t get for themselves. You really can’t go wrong when you buy someone something that would be both needed and appreciated. The tricky part about putting together a basket of goods is deciding what to put in it. If you don’t know the likes and dislikes of the recipient, stick to the basics. You should also consider allergies, ideology (vegetarian, vegan, etc) general dislikes and quality. If possible, try and find out which foods are the recipient’s favorites, and more important which are his/her least favorite. This is a very important issue that makes the difference between the success or failure of the gift.

My father in law turned 70 this year, and his three sons (my husband and two brothers) decided to give him a special gift: a family trip to Italy. They ordered tickets, rented a car, an Italian villa and planned every detail. They haven’t been on a family trip abroad for over 25 years…So this was a very special occasion. At first he was quite upset that they spent so much money on the trip, but once they arrived in Italy, he realized that such a family trip is really priceless… They had so much fun together and since my husband felt guilty for leaving me with our then 2 months old baby, he brought home wonderful gifts. Yay!!!



Usually finding gifts in a country which has many tourists is difficult, but Italy is somewhat different. First of all the obvious gift is food, you can bring back wine, Parmesan cheese, or balsamic vinegar and you are off the hook. The other choice is all the paper goods… Beautiful stationary, Personalized Ex-Libris  stamps for marking your favorite books and monogrammed wax seals that makes you feel like royalty. You really don’t have to put a lot of thought into an Italian gift, you just have to decide whether the recipient would rather have fine Italian products, crafty supplies, or both…

In my case… I love both! How about you?

One of my friends, after reading the post about the  Molecular Gastronomy Kit, brought to my attention the following sentence:

“You have to realize that when it comes to food, I only get excited when it reaches my mouth… I don’t care much about what happens to it in theory until it reaches it’s temporary residence in my belly”.

She said to me “How could you say such a thing as a vegetarian”??? So I would like to clarify while introducing you to a lovely blog I came across.

When I was eight, I came home from school one day and said to my dad “Daddy, I don’t want to eat meat anymore”! My dad who loves to eat, especially meat and was shocked to hear such a statement asked “But why”??? and I answered “Well, The little chick becomes a chicken and then we eat it. How can you such an innocent chick??? Without stuttering my dad replied “You add some oil, salt and pepper”…

Yes I know, he has a weird sense of humor, and I’m not quite sure he really said that to me, but that’s how he tells the story, so let’s not get fussy about the details…

I won’t lie, growing up, in Israel, as a vegetarian was challenging. There was no awareness to eating healthy food, people didn’t quite understand it and there were very few veggieburgers available. However, my family was surprisingly supportive and always made sure that I have a veggie meal, in spite the belief that it was just a phase.

Not something to take for granted, so thanks Mom and Dad.

The point is that I am a proud vegetarian since. And although I don’t like to push people into being vegetarians, no more than I liked being pushed into being a vegan or eating healthy, or any other belief for that matter. However, These are my views and I would like to share them with you.

And now, with no further ado, I would like to present to you: Naturally Ella, a wonderful vegetarian blog, filled with healthy recipes…  Although There are a few chicken recipes, this beautifully designed blog offers healthy choices along beautiful photos. So whether you are a vegetarian or a foodie, I know you will appreciate this lovely blog.




I hope you will all excuse me, I have to send the link to my husband, so he can plan the next meal he’s going to cook for me.


This mysterious box arrived at our house as a gift from our close friend.


Immediately my husband’s face changed colors, his jaw dropped and a grin spread across his face. I didn’t realize what he was grinning about, until I read the cover which read Molecular Gastronomy Kit. Don’t worry if you never heard about molecular cooking, I would’t know anything about it if I wasn’t married to a foodie. In a nutshell, the molecular kitchen is a modern form of cooking. The idea is using techniques derived from the scientific disciplines in order to create new dishes. The result is a variety of new flavors with surprising textures that most of the time doesn’t really resemble food. My husband has been jabbering about the molecular kitchen for ages discussing all the different dishes he could make if he ever learned how to do it.

This gift definitely deserves a spot at the hall of fame of gifts, however, only a true foodie that likes to experiment would really appreciate it. If I received this gift for my own use, it would most likely stay in the box since I don’t like to cook. You have to realize that when it comes to food, I only get excited when it reaches my mouth… I don’t care much about what happens to it in theory until it reaches it’s temporary residence in my belly. However, even I can’t stay indifferent to this well packaged gift that would certainly bring new and exciting flavors into my life.

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