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My name is Karen and I compose “the given thought”. Ever since I remember myself, I loved giving gifts and small tokens to my friends. It was always important for me to put thought into those gifts in order to make them more significant.

Giving presents is a complicated affair. It has become even more difficult in a world where the line between what you want and what you need is unclear. In this day and age, most people buy the things they want as well as the things they need, this makes the task of gifting even harder.

I find that getting a present is easier when I buy/make/receive a gift that is somewhat personalized. Once you have conceptualized an idea that involves the receiver, the simplest token may grow into a moving gift. My hope is to create and share thoughtful gift ideas that would inspire you to find the perfect gift.


You are welcome to contact me for questions, comments, gift idea’s ar just fo say hi!

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