Happy Holidays Everyone!

Whether you are celebrating Passover or Easter you might need to do some wrapping. If you need to get some supplies and inspiration,  Blank Goods has some great wrapping tips for personalizing wrapping. You can find boxes, tags, twine, stickers, colorful tape, gift bags, labels and much more! I’m especially fond of these  lovely Easter eggs just waiting to be painted with your own design.

My good friend and wonderful designer Shani Ring Posted some great wrapping idea’s on her blog DesiRing. This reminded me that I have gathered some great wrapping idea’s myself, and that this is the perfect time to share them with you.

Wrapping should be an important part of the gift… I wish I could say that I put an effort into my wrapping, but that would be a lie… Usually, by the time I get to making a card or wrapping the gift, I get too lazy…It’s not that I don’t have great idea’s or craft supplies… Plain old laziness is my enemy here. Shame on me! However, The good thing about being a blogger, is that I can give an advise I’m not going to follow… Hopefully my readers won’t be as lazy as I am, and this post will help them with some great wrapping ideas.


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When wrapping, you want to take out all the craft supplies that you own: Ribbon’s, buttons’ pendant’s, colors, scrap paper, origami paper stamps, punchers, etc. Think different when you look for wrapping paper. You can use old comics magazines, newspapers, children books, fabrics… I love using a nice cardboard or tin box for wrapping, this way it can be reused as a decorative item.

Happy giving

What do you give someone who blogs about gifts?

Personally, anything that would inspire me to give or create.



Naturally, I was thrilled to accept this label & stickers booklet by Chronicle Books. It’s very useful since it’s full of little notes and pictures I can use to add to the gifts I’m giving. But more importantly, it got me thinking about the little touches that give a little boost to the gift.

We all know that presentation is everything.

And there is nothing like a little thought to make or break a present….

I guess that’s why it’s called present-ation.

Don’t you think?


Wrap it

i pack

This week was all about the execution of packing our apartment. I can’t even begin to describe the horrible process of sorting, categorizing, throwing, distributing, packing, cleaning, loading, dusting, collecting, compressing, disposing, piling, laminating and all sorts of other “ing’s” that are involved when moving. But, as always, there is a silver lining to every cloud and the one in this fable is almost as insignificant as it is amusing. My father is a scientist and describing him as a mad professor wouldn’t be completely out of order (But in a good way).



Anyways, I asked him to bring me boxes for packing all our stuff… Boxes I received indeed. If you manage to divert your eyes from my cat’s gorgeous eyes, you will notice that the boxes read “Toxic”, “corrosive” and “flammable” or simply have images of wired containers. This was enough to keep me smiling in packing hell!

Thanks dad!

you are the best as always!

Don’t you just LOVE a good wrapping idea? I was visiting my dear dear friend from Amsterdam and I saw a brown paper envelope filled with stamps and stickers  laying on the table. Since it had such a formal appearance, I assumed that it was a government document of some sort. I was so afraid to accidentally glance at this suspicious package, afraid to intrude on someone’s privacy, that I didn’t realize that this was, in fact, my birthday gift. I was so excited upon the revelation that this envelope was actually addressed to me, it took me a while to open, as I was absolutely admiring it. Oh how I do love a good wrapping idea!



My friend informed me that Nieuws Innoventions, (a wonderful toy store at Prinsengracht 297, Amsterdam) were responsible for this lovely wrap.

PS: I’d tell you what’s in it… but then I would have to kill you…

I was at the office when we got an invitation for an exhibition opening. It came inside a simple brown box filled with grass (The invitation was inside the box). As soon as I saw it I decided that this makes a great wrapping Idea. I liked the way that it looks like an innocent brown box until you open it to find a green surprise. It really doesn’t matter what you put in it, since it will put a smile on anyone who gets it. Look how much my kitty enjoyed it… I would have used it for a gift, but she liked it so much that I decided that it could be a gift for her. After all cats love gifts just as much as humans do.


I was out with my dad and his friend Steve, who was visiting us from Canada. We went into a puzzle store and Steve pointed out a very cool gift he had gotten for Christmas, a bottle of wine. However, this bottle of wine is surrounded by a puzzle that you need to solve in order to unchain your wine. He said he got so frustrated that he even tried to cut the cord. I really like this gift idea because it is both clever and it involves wine.

The manufacturer suggests you have a second wine lined up for drinking, while attempting to free the trapped bottle. They also strongly advise not to lose the instructions.

Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of this product, but you can check out yourself.



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