How cool are dinosaurs? I’m quite sure that my alternative career path could have been  paleontology. When I was a little girl I was fascinated by dinosaurs and knew all the names of all the different kinds. My favorites were Plesiosaurs and Pterodactyls (which technically isn’t a dinosaur, but still totally awesome). When I saw the wonderful personalized prints by Dinoprints, all the different sides of me were thrilled! First, the dinosaur lover in me, wanted a self portrait on a Pterodactyl. As an interior designer, I believe that your home should reflect your personality, and the same goes with your bedroom. Therefore,I thought it would be cool to wallpaper a child’s room with a huge dinosaur print. As a gift specialist, I love personalized gifts, I believe that it is the key to a great gift, when I saw this I was trying to think of a nephew or niece with an upcoming birthday. My nieces and nephews aren’t into dinosaurs so I’ll have to wait till Eli is a little older. I really wish there were more prehistoric animal options such as a cyber tooth tiger or huge dragonflies (did you know that prehistoric dragonflies were half a meter (1.6 foot) long?? I would love to ride one of those).


Anyways, if you are looking for a cool gift for a Dinosaur loving kid, look no further since this is it!

I was telling a new friend about my blog and he immediately sent me a link to Child’s own studio. Here’s the deal, Wendy made a doll for her 4 year old son, based on a sketch he made. Her son was so excited about the softies and Wendy realized that this was her calling, making dolls out of children doodles. If you’ve been reading this blog since I started it, you will surly remember the post about my avatar doll. Unfortunatly I just learned that the game I love is shutting down. Thanks for my friend i’ll have my pet stay with me, long after the game is gone.




This gift is similar, but even more moving since it uses the child’s own imagination in creating a doll that is truly unique.

What a great way to celebrate creativity!




Whenever a friend of mine needed a little vote of confidence, (you know, before an interview, audition, test, etc)…I would say:

“You can do anything!All you have to do is try,try and then you’ll make it”.

After they would get the Job, gig, etc… I would say:

“I told you so and now you owe me a Shnekel  (The two New Israeli Shekel coin equivalent to 50 cents)”.

For some reason this almost always worked and so, any friend who was facing a new beginning, came to me for a  sort of “Shnekel  blessing”.

One of the first gifts I posted about in this blog was a travel booklet that I gave to my friend who decided to follow her dream and needed to travel in order to pursue it. Traditionally, I told her that she will find what she needs in order to pursue her dream and that when she does she will owe me a Shnekel. I finally got to see this friend whom I haven’t seen in a very long time. We were catching up and I was telling her that I’m opening my own interior design studio and that I’m totally freaking out about it… When all of a sudden she said:

” I have to give you something”.





She started by apologizing since she had this gift made long ago and didn’t get the chance to give it to me. Since the trip really put her on track with her dream, she “owed me a Shnekel”.

I was so moved to get this, she most thoughtfully framed a Shnekel with the Shel Silverstein’s poem, “Listen to the mustn’t, child”.

You can immediately tell that she put a lot of thought into this gift. The gift tag, the wrapping and finally the gift itself, were all well thought and beautiful.

The funny thing was that she felt so bad for not giving me the gift before, she didn’t realize that she gave it to me when I needed it most.

My nephew just turned eight and I wanted to be the cool aunt with the cool gift. I knew he was into spiderman but I wasn’t sure if He didn’t grow out of it… So I asked him which superhero he loves best and he said: “you know I love spiderman (duh!) since I love to climb on stuff”. I figured he is old enough to read so I got him some Spiderman comic books.




I wanted to do something more so I used my crafting skills. I bought plain wooden letters (Spelling his name in Hebrew) and wrapped them in spiderman comic paper. Then I put them in a box and warped it with the same paper. You don’t have to do the whole name… The Initials are sufficient… I just felt extra crafty, so I did the whole thing. Yesterday I came to his house and helped him hang the letters on his bedroom door! He wanted to do it himself, so they turned out a little crooked. I think it’s cuter this way… And he was very excited about hanging them by himself.

My mother got him Spiderman Bedding’s which was also a big hit cuz now his room had a quick Spiderman makeover.

I’m always happy to know when my blog is an inspiration to someone. My friend sent me a photo of a clock inspired by the Quality time article I published a few months back. She personalized it by using a photo of Cookie Monster (Apparently that was their thing).


I’m glad she was able to use an idea featured in my blog but personalize it for her friend and I really love the way she placed the hands on Cookie monsters eyes, very whimsical.

Time really flies when you are a new mother. I can’t believe that almost a month passed by since Eli came into our lives.

I thought I was doing well with my blogging when I realized that it’s been 10 days since my last post… It’s not too bad, but I do try to post every week, and I really didn’t notice that ten days have passed.

Anyways, finding time to blog isn’t my only trouble, since tomorrow is my spouse’s birthday! I hate it when birthdays snick up on me like that. Now, since we became parents, naturally we are more cautious about our finances. Therefore, we decided to have a “no gift policy” this year… However, I believe that gift’s are not about cost…. I think that the best gift’s I received were low cost with a lot of thought. Problem solved right? Wrong! I am still stumped! I need a nice, low cost, easy to make idea. This idea would be perfect: a quality time clock! This gift idea (that my good friend gave to another good friend) really hit’s the spot. Simple, easy and smart.



She simply took a picture of our friend and her husband, printed it out and inserted it instead of the numbers. All you need is a picture with the person you wish to have quality time with and a cute clock that you can open up.

It’s a nice way to remind someone you want to find the time to share together, even if you are both very busy. I know that with the new baby, we will have to find some time to spend together.


I know that the owl trend is getting bigger and bigger, however, one of my friends began the owl trend first (Honestly)! This must be at least the third birthday I give her an owly gift… In addition, this year we celebrated her B-day with an owl themed party. Since I wasn’t ready with a gift (I know, I know I always say plan ahead… But I am great at giving advise, not following it), I came up with an idea for a card, thinking that I’ll get her a gift later. The card was really easy to make:

Owl card tutorial:

You will need:

1. A4 paper (I used paper of printed drafts, I always keep them for recycling).

2. Heart shape puncher

3. Coloring pencils

4. Glue stick

How I did it:

Body: I used a heart shape puncher and punched out 13 hearts and colored them with color pencils. Then I stacked them in a pear like shape to make the body of the owl and glued them to the card.

Head: I cut the owl head, colored the face of the owl with  and glued it over the cutout hearts.

Then I realized that if the card was this easy to make, why not make a similar image on a tank top?


Felt owl top tutorial:

You will need:

1. Cutout felt hearts

2. Small felt piece for head

3. embroidery string

4. Needle

5. Fabric scissors

I admit, this was a little bit tricky… Mind you, if I can pull it off with my poor sewing skills, then so can you.

Body: This time instead of gluing the cutout hearts, I sewed them directly to the top, overlapping them arbitrarily, still maintaining the body shape.

Head: I cut the head shape out of a small piece of felt (sort of like a cat head shape but with smaller ears). Don’t sew it to the shirt just yet… You still have to sew the owl’s eyes and beak to the face.

Eyes: The eyes were the tricky part. I took one of the cutout hearts and cut two ellipse shapes out of it, so far so good, then I had to stitch an embroidery of the eyelashes to the felt eye, I used a back stitch since it is more dense. Use a running stitch to sew the eye to the head of the owl.

Beak: use a smaller cutout heart (I simply cut a little one out of a big one) and sew it to the head.

Now is the time to sew the head over the body, again, using the running stitch along the outline of the owl head and you are done!!!

Since this is more or less the first sewing tutorial I’ve written, I hope that it was easy to follow, please let me know if something is not clear.

As always, I recommend that you use your imagination to improve this DIY in order to fit to your own needs. If you made this, you are welcome to share your result with me, I always love to see how other people’s DIY’s turn out.

Good luck,


Yesterday I realized that today is our second anniversary!!! oops! I totally forgot about it and didn’t have anything ready… Some gift blogging wife am I! Thank god for the internet for quick solutions. I just Googled “anniversary gift for husband” and found a great gift on Etsy: The Eye Exam Chart Print.  I like a simple design like this one, the idea is smart and strong, the concept is simple enough: at first glance this looks like your average eye exam, but when you read into it you find a secret message hidden inside. Don’t you just love hidden messages???

Since I had no time whatsoever, I couldn’t order this online and had to make my own version. Luckily I had all the supplies. I needed a frame, colors, the print itself, (which you can DIY with Word, Power Point, Illustrator or Photoshop and print in black and white).


Making the gift myself gave me the freedom to check different text options, which was good since I wasn’t sure on how I wanted to phrase the sentence. You know how you use sentences differently with different people… Well, even though this sentence is  weirdly written, it is the outcome of the common language that my love and I share.

Since the first thing my husband does in the morning is sit by his desk and browse the internet, I decided that the best way to give him this gift would be to leave it at his desk. This way it is the first thing he will see in the morning. Since he wakes up before me I had to sneak it into his den at night and leave it for him to find. The surprise was almost revealed since he went to close the computer before we went to bed, but fortunately he didn’t notice that something was different.

I forgot to mention an important fact that made this gift extra personal. My dear husband has a condition that requires eye physiotherapy, hence, he has to go through the eye exam every few weeks in order to check if the treatment works. When he saw the frame at his desk in the morning, he initially  thought I was mocking him, but when he looked closely, and read the message, he realized that it was a loving gesture.

Keep in mind that I made this for our anniversary, but given the right wording, this gift can work for almost any occasion and anyone. Just use your imagination and personalize it any way you like.


I have to share this wonderful gift we received for our first wedding anniversary, from our very dear family friends Jim and Sally. A beautiful “Bless this home” porcelain tray by Lenox .

I think that this is the first time I have received something that made me feel all grown up. I love the winter theme with the cardinal and the holly, and I feel honored to own something with our family name on it. An extra fun fact is that the name Oren in Hebrew means pine and this makes this gift extra personalized since the image contains a pine cone smack in the middle.

How about that?!!!


Thank you so much for this wonderful gift, I already feel very blessed indeed.

Found this lovely idea by Christy at From Glitter to Gumdrops. This wedding invitation ornament makes such a lovely wedding keepsake. This one really inspires me and I am running so many possibilities in my head.  I mean, you could actually take most any invite: Birthday, Sweet 16, Engagement, Wedding, Baby shower etc and decorate a whole Christmas tree with memories as ornaments.


Can’t wait to make one! I’m so glad I have a wedding to attend next month.

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