Cross stitch heart

Valentines day is a wonderful days for all you single lovers out there. But when you are parents it’s really hard to get around grand gestures of love. Here is a neat little DIY project I managed to create between work and diaper changing.

You’ll need:

1. a cross stitching hoop

2. piece of fabric

3. cross stitch pattern (I used this one)

4. pen

5. needle

6. Embroidery thread


DIY cross stich heart



Place your fabric securely inside the wooden hoop.

Place over the cross stitch pattern and trace the stitches with a pen (be sure to use a light color that won’t show on the other side).

Stitch along the pattern of the heart.

Remove the excess fabric with scissors.

Give to your Valentine.

Happy Valentines Day!


2 Responses to “Cross stitch heart”
  1. Liron says:

    cool! i’m going to make one. my granma gave me a hoop like this years ago and i didnt know what to do with it! :)

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