One of my friends, after reading the post about the  Molecular Gastronomy Kit, brought to my attention the following sentence:

“You have to realize that when it comes to food, I only get excited when it reaches my mouth… I don’t care much about what happens to it in theory until it reaches it’s temporary residence in my belly”.

She said to me “How could you say such a thing as a vegetarian”??? So I would like to clarify while introducing you to a lovely blog I came across.

When I was eight, I came home from school one day and said to my dad “Daddy, I don’t want to eat meat anymore”! My dad who loves to eat, especially meat and was shocked to hear such a statement asked “But why”??? and I answered “Well, The little chick becomes a chicken and then we eat it. How can you such an innocent chick??? Without stuttering my dad replied “You add some oil, salt and pepper”…

Yes I know, he has a weird sense of humor, and I’m not quite sure he really said that to me, but that’s how he tells the story, so let’s not get fussy about the details…

I won’t lie, growing up, in Israel, as a vegetarian was challenging. There was no awareness to eating healthy food, people didn’t quite understand it and there were very few veggieburgers available. However, my family was surprisingly supportive and always made sure that I have a veggie meal, in spite the belief that it was just a phase.

Not something to take for granted, so thanks Mom and Dad.

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The point is that I am a proud vegetarian since. And although I don’t like to push people into being vegetarians, no more than I liked being pushed into being a vegan or eating healthy, or any other belief for that matter. However, These are my views and I would like to share them with you.

And now, with no further ado, I would like to present to you: Naturally Ella, a wonderful vegetarian blog, filled with healthy recipes…  Although There are a few chicken recipes, this beautifully designed blog offers healthy choices along beautiful photos. So whether you are a vegetarian or a foodie, I know you will appreciate this lovely blog.




I hope you will all excuse me, I have to send the link to my husband, so he can plan the next meal he’s going to cook for me.

Happy earth day everyone!

As you already know, I believe that giving can be demonstrated in various ways: You can give presents, give by donation or simply give a hand to a friend. The same goes for giving back to the environment. Of course, you don’t have to wait for earth day in order to help the environment; you can do it by recycling, upcycling and by saving energy. And as for gifts, here are some nice earth friendly gifts that are sure to brighten up someone’s day while helping the world staying green. Personally, I would love to get the”Where the Wild Things Are” globe, it totally goes into my wish list! Just in case any of you were wondering…



  1. Help mother earth by using this cute “Angry little girls”  tote by Lela Lee. You will spread the recycling idea, while reducing the use of plastic bags.
  2. Wearing these bright plant jewelry by HAF will serve as a constant reminder to water your plants… Keeping it green!
  3. At first I really liked the design of the package, but once I read a little more about these mints I found out that Project 7 make everyday products that give back to the globe. Save the earth, house the homeless or feed the hungry, in any case these sugar free mints will benefit the planet while keeping your breath fresh.
  4. Upcycling is really hot right now. There is something magical about taking something old and giving it a new life. This “Where The Wild Things Are” Globe is very dear to me since it was always my favorite by Maurice Sendak.
  5. We Share The Earth is an art print for tree huggers, budding environmentalists, and anyone who wouldn’t mind an earth friendly reminder.


I am very excited to share this next gift with you, and although you might not relate to the “Mad Scientist” algorithm per se, I am sure you know someone who will appreciate this unique gift. Now, before I present you with the gift itself, you may wonder how did I came to know a mad scientist. Well I can’t say I had anything to do with it other than being born to one. Yep, my father is a well established scientist and some would call him a well established madman as well… Although in a good way 🙂

Every year for his birthday, my siblings and I would buy him a penguin classic or a fossil for his collection, but for his 65th birthday I really wanted to get him something special and when I want to find a special gift, I often make a gift algorithm to help me come up with ideas. So as you can see by this gift algorithm, my dad is a rather old fashioned kind of guy who is into classical music, historic and prehistoric stuff. He also likes to cook, so a good kitchen gadget is always welcome. Don’t let this algorithm fool you, my dad isn’t some, mind my French, “old fart”.  He is quite funny and youthful, and he is fun to be around… even if he does listen to classical music and collects fossils. Just teasing you Dad! I think you are great!


Once I finished the gift algorithm it was obvious that I should stick to science/history/prehistory, while a quick Google search led me to the National Geographic Website, where I found The Genographic Project. After doing their test, my dad wrote us all an email describing how the test works… He did such a great job, it now makes it easier for me to explain it to you by quoting his e-mail he sent to us:

“Dear all,

The kids bought me for my birthday a kit for the National Geographic Genographic Project which documents “The Human Journey” out of Africa and dispersal throughout the world.

The kit includes a DNA sampling device which scrapes buccal cells from inside of your cheek, which you send back to them  to get “deep” DNA sequencing, which then gives markers relevant to given global sites where mutations occurred in prehistory.

It is thus possible to detail the journey of our ancestors. You have to choose either the mother’s side (mitochondrial DNA) or the father’s side (the Y chromosome), both of which contain stable regions which basically remain unchanged. From these regions, the extremely rare mutation markers can be detected, which then can be translated to places in the world that reflects the journey of our ancestors out of Africa.

It is only these two sources of DNA (mitochondrial for the mother and Y chromosome for the father ) that are relevant for these studies. The kit asks you to choose one. Obviously, women can choose only the mother’s side, since they don’t have a Y chromosome. Men can choose either side, and I chose the mother’s side which would then document my mother’s side. This means that the mitochondrial DNA can be traced backwards throughout history: My mother received this DNA from her mother (my grandmother) who received it from her mother (my great-grandmother) who received it from her mother, and so on…”


Since my dad is so smart, he was able to predict the results as he continues in his letter:

Well, it was rather clear to me that the journey of our ancestors went the route up through the Middle East and Central Asia via the Caspian Sea region (the Caucases) and then Northward and Eastward into Europe.  Indeed this is true as you can see by the enclosed map. We have the 2 mutations in our mitochondrial DNA that puts us there about 15,000 years ago. For more information read the description that documents our lineage and journey out of Africa. I expect that this is rather common, but it might be interesting for us to check out the other paths available in our families.

And what about myfather’s Y chromosome? Well, I have another birthday coming up…!”

They say that if you want to know where you are going you have to know where you came from… Personally, I don’t think that’s true, but if it is, my dad should really know where he is going after receiving his gift. The good thing is, I don’t have to worry about next year… I already know what to get him….




Happy Holidays Everyone!

Whether you are celebrating Passover or Easter you might need to do some wrapping. If you need to get some supplies and inspiration,  Blank Goods has some great wrapping tips for personalizing wrapping. You can find boxes, tags, twine, stickers, colorful tape, gift bags, labels and much more! I’m especially fond of these  lovely Easter eggs just waiting to be painted with your own design.


This mysterious box arrived at our house as a gift from our close friend.


Immediately my husband’s face changed colors, his jaw dropped and a grin spread across his face. I didn’t realize what he was grinning about, until I read the cover which read Molecular Gastronomy Kit. Don’t worry if you never heard about molecular cooking, I would’t know anything about it if I wasn’t married to a foodie. In a nutshell, the molecular kitchen is a modern form of cooking. The idea is using techniques derived from the scientific disciplines in order to create new dishes. The result is a variety of new flavors with surprising textures that most of the time doesn’t really resemble food. My husband has been jabbering about the molecular kitchen for ages discussing all the different dishes he could make if he ever learned how to do it.

This gift definitely deserves a spot at the hall of fame of gifts, however, only a true foodie that likes to experiment would really appreciate it. If I received this gift for my own use, it would most likely stay in the box since I don’t like to cook. You have to realize that when it comes to food, I only get excited when it reaches my mouth… I don’t care much about what happens to it in theory until it reaches it’s temporary residence in my belly. However, even I can’t stay indifferent to this well packaged gift that would certainly bring new and exciting flavors into my life.

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