Mothers day

Mothers day is coming up real soon and I was struggling with finding gifts ideas to share. It really caught me by surprise and so I decided to check the internet for ideas. I ran into some nice, easy to make gifts that even my mother might like… I can’t wait to make some of these…



1. These wonderful Lavender sachets I found in design sponge (originally shared by Madeley), are a simple, fun and inexpensive way to show your mother you care. I think these are great since besides being functional, you really can’t have enough scented sachets. Right mom?

2. Martha Stewart is known for her wonderful DIY gift projects. I can spend hours searching her site for beautiful gift ideas. I love the fact that she really gives a personal touch to her gift ideas. When I was little my mother used to say that the best thing to give her on mothers day would be a day off from house keeping. This mothers day coupon book is just the kind of gift my mother would appreciate. The nice thing is that you can really get creative with the content. from washing the dishes voucher and mute button to “Do it now” slip. I think that this is a perfect gift for children since, beyond helping out mom they really get to appreciate what she does for them every day. Isn’t that what mothers day is all about anyways?

3. I simply love tote bags! They are both fun and useful and real handy to have in your purse. This is why they make a great mothers day gift. I found two great tutorials one by Tidy mom and the other by Ashley Ann. You can personalize this gift by printing a mother quote on the other side of the bag and take it up to the next level by filling this bag with groceries and take a chore off of mom’s list.

4. This last gift is a beautiful token by Poopscake. I really think you can play around with this one: You can keep the design simple as the tutorial suggests, write different inspirational blessing on each rock, or make the stones spell I love you.

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    Hey, you used my help! (:

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