Photo session

I think that the most thoughtful gifts are the ones that you wouldn’t buy for yourself. We all have wish lists of items we secretly want, but won’t dare to purchase for ourselves. The trouble with secret wish lists is that they are hard to discover. Sometimes you don’t even know yourself that you would wish for something, unless someone else suggests it.

I am really happy with this next gift, since I managed to reveal a secret wish of a dear friend. Furthermore, I managed to surprise her with a special experience that she might have come up with herself.

So how did I manage to do this?

I gave it some thought.

I really wanted to do something special for her 30th birthday and I started thinking of things she likes to do. Finally, I recalled that my friend loves to document the special moments in her life by taking pictures. I remembered that she always carries a camera with her and loves to have her pictures taken. This recollection led me to the idea of sending her to a photo shoot with the very talented Noa Eisenschtat. Since this gift required a bigger budget, I organized a bunch of friends and we all chipped in.

I really wanted this to be a fun experience, so I joined my friend and her husband and we brought a bunch of cloths and accessories with us.

If you are creative, this gift can be recycled in many ways. In this case I got this gift for a big birthday. However, it can serve as a wonderful gift for a pregnant friend, a new baby or other special occasions. After you receive the photo’s I strongly recommend printing/making a photo book/scrapbook in order to seal the deal.

3 Responses to “Photo session”
  1. Dana says:

    This was a great gift.
    I’d like to add to what you said that it’s good to give something that both the giver and receiver love and have in common.
    I personally love it when a friend / family member have something from me that he would like to have and I love too. it can be the actual gift, it can be the color, shape or theme… anything really! but it says something about the giver and the receiver combined which can be really cool.

  2. Erez says:


    Sounds like a good secret-wish detecting job. Plus, the pictures are lovely, especially the two at the bottom (the big one and the one you’re in).

    • Karen says:

      Secret wishes are pretty hard to reveal…. But if you listen closely, you find that they were there all along. I believe you also have a secret wish detecting story, you are welcome to share….

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