Classic Chic Chick

Sometimes giving a gift is pure mathematics. If you gather enough information on the person receiving the gift, you are able to find the perfect item for them. This next gift I am getting is for a close friend. I really wanted to get her something she will love.

I made a mapping of the things that my friend likes, in order to have a clearer image of what to look for, while shopping for her present. Usually I visualize this map in my head, but for you dear reader, I have made an illustration.



The first thing that you’ll notice is that the illustration I made consists mainly of black & white items. This is because my friend almost always dresses in black & white and she loves classic black & white patterns. You can also see that she is a very classy woman with an amazing Audrey Hepburn sense of style. I know that my friend loves shoes (especially black & white combos). However, I will avoid buying shoes since you should really try on shoes yourself before buying them.

Now all I have to do is go shopping… I will start at her favorite store Zara and continue from there.

Wish me luck and wait for the follow-up to see what I got her.


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