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My very good friend is leaving the country for five months in order to pursue her dream. We all know how hard it is to leave everything and follow your own path; therefore, I had to send her off with a little bit of inspiration. I decided to make her a travel booklet to remind her how wonderful she really is. I actually got the idea from another friend who made a similar gift for her sister.

I made the booklet from scratch, using tutorials I found on the net… I didn’t follow them directly, since I love to give everything my own touch. After I finished making it I filled it with good luck wishes and motivational quotes.

In this case I made the booklet myself; however, it is perfectly Okay to buy a booklet and fill it up with good wishes for the road. It might be an even better idea to find inspirational quotes, pictures and poems, print them out and fill the booklet.

Here are the tutorials I used to make this booklet:


4 Responses to “Travel booklet”
  1. ST says:

    Honestly, my words can not even express a fraction of how happy you made me with this gift.
    You are my sunshine- and now I’m lucky enough to have your rays of light with me where ever I’ll go.
    To many more happy shnekels….

  2. I’m so glad you found inspiration at my humble blog for making your friend a travel booklet! Your personal touches really gives your gift meaning and beauty! Keep creating! xoxo, Stephie

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