Avatar Doll

One of the most important things in giving a gift is to consider the person who is about to receive it. You should study their likes, dislikes, general interest and overall taste. You might find that this next gift is not something that you  would want to receive yourself, but that’s OK because it means a lot to me. One of my guilty little pleasures is playing a game on Facebook called Pet Society. My pet in the game is called Mojna (Which means possible in Czech) and I simply love her. In the game I take care of my pet, I dress it, decorate her house and other fun stuff.

One of the most thoughtful gifts I received is a hand sewn doll in the image of Mojna. My friend took the time and effort and sewn every little detail to create Mojna’s image. The result is beautiful! I loved this gift so much, that I had to have it made for another Pet Society fan.


This is my pet Mojna. You can see how much thought was put into the doll, with all the little details.


3 Responses to “Avatar Doll”
  1. Dana says:

    I’m really glad you like her so much.
    Maybe it’s time to make her a new nicer dress? do you want one?

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